Global Presence


Global Presence

RJES has a formal presence in USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Korea.



24/7 Access, Online Support

Due to our global locations, RJES can offer key services and products from strategic locations in a way that is most beneficial to our customers.



Onsite Training

Our qualified facility personnel are equipped to train, supervise and work with the necessary individuals at their shop in order for our customers to fully understand the equipment they are working with. This training can occur at any step in the building/fabrication phase of the engineered packages & equipment.



Integrated Spares Management

We provide after sales support and supply of spares for the equipments built and supplied by us.



Specialist Engineers and Technicians

The workforce of engineers of relevant disciplines and experienced technicians involved in the design, engineering, manufacture and testing of the equipment and packages are complemented by the huge talent and expertise of OEMs who provide the major components of the systems offered.



Alliances with OEM’s and Industry Specialists

RJES has alliances and agreements with major qualified manufacturers to package their equipment. We complement their design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. This enables us to provide solutions combining equipment from these manufacturers in our packages to provide fit for purpose solutions.


Global Client Base